GME LinScan 808 diode laser


808 nm diode laser are used for hair removal of almost all skin types with great success. But the spots of these lasers are quite small, and the treatment is slow.
In recent years, diode lasers with larger spots were introduced but are limited in terms of fluence (less than 20 J/cm2) and pulse duration. LinScan 808 offers
you the advantage of combining established parameters AND a large spot.

The device comes with multiple adaptable treatment options removing the fine hair with high fluence and short pulses while the ni tegrated contact skin cooling
and the intelligent software are securing safe and effective treatments for lighter and also for darker skin types.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits


  • SMART SOFTWARE – Intuitive touch screen – similar to a smart phone. You can focus on clinical aspects (e.g. skin type and hair color) and the unit proposes the right technical parameters (e.g. fluence and pulse duration)
  • OPTIMIZED TREATMENT STRATEGIES FOR HAIR REMOVAL – Standard Hair Removal Mode: parameters that were proven over many years MCT (Motion Control Technology) Mode: painless treatments
  • ONYCHOMYCOSIS – Safe and effective treatment settings for Onychomycosis. Offers better results and less pain than Nd:YAG laser
  • POWERFUL CONTACT COOLING- Sapphire glass can be cooled down to 0°C. Safe and comfortable treatments for ALL skin types
  • LARGE TREATMENT AREA – 50 mm x 15 mm / Very fast treatments (e.g. 10 min for a back) / Homogeneous heating of the hair root layer
  • SMALL COMPACT DESIGN – 30 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm / Fully transportable / Optional cart



A laser beam is scanned over the entire treatment area of 50 mm * 15 mm. This process takes approximately 0.5 – 1.0 s and is similar to the scanning of a photocopier

IT’S FAST: The large treatment area requires few positionings of the handpiece and allows very short treatment times (e.g. 10 min for a back)
IT’S EFFECTIVE: The high-power density in the actual laser beam allows high fluences in short pulses (e.g. 40 J/cm2 in 20 ms )


A new approach to laser hair removal are lasers that have to be in motion. The laser fires with low energy density and the user has to move the laser head to avoid overheating. The advantage of this approach is a pain free treatment with acceptable results. LinScan 808 takes this approach to the next level. In MCT Mode, the energy is delivered in 2-4 controlled stacks. There is no need to move the laser to avoid overheating.

• The Motion Control Technology is in charge of the motion and not the operator!
• The machine is more precise, and the results are fully reproducible


Type of laser Diode laser
Wavelength 808 nm
Max fluence 100 J/cm2
Power density 2,000 W/cm2
Treatment area 7.5 cm2 (50mm x 15mm)
Pulse duration 4 ms- 400 ms
Cooling Contact
Dimensions 25cm x 30cm x 30cm
Weight 20 kg
Indications Hair removal for all skin types
Onychomycosis vascular lesions for light skin

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