Etherea MX

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Selling since 2009, with a large global install base, ETHEREA-MX has performed countless procedures over the years. With this success and experience we have transformed the platform into one of the most versatile and reliable systems on the market today that can offer 70+ treatment indications.

Hand pieces





  • IPL-SQ® The light in broad spectra embodies a new generation of IPL technology. More
  • INTENSE-IR® A new light on skin tightening intense-IR. More
  • ACROMA® for all colours – Fractional laser toning with a Q-switched technology. More




  • LONGPULSE® Expanded technology for thermal toning. Non-invasive removal of deep and superficial vascular lesions. More
  • PRODEEP® Improved safety and expanded usability fractional treatment. More
  • GOSMOOTH® The gold standard technology in fractional resurfacing. More
  • DUALMODE® a fractional laser resurfacing with dual results. More


  • A global experience with Etherea technology – A genuinely Brazilian technology offered in every major market of the world, solidifying its position and reputation as a valued, reliable and effective brand. The ETHEREA-MX® condenses all the knowledge and expertise progressively developed in the laser market for aesthetic medicine into a single platform.
  • Maximum versatility with multiple handpieces and multiple options – In addition to the most complete IPL technology on the market, with 5 different wavelengths available, the ETHEREA-MX® has additional handpieces with a broad selection of wavelengths and spot sizes.
  • Superior technical support and services to meet your needs – With training for sales, service and clinical applications, along with a responsive technical support group, any issues will be resolved quickly and effectively.
  • Advanced optical precision and safety – With optimized lensing, all Lasers have improved beam quality, allowing for optimal control of energy penetration, and the formation of residual thermal damage, greatly increasing procedure safety
  • In its state-of-the-art 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, Vydence meets the highest international standards for manufacturing as the #1 selling system in the 2nd largest aesthetic marketin in the World. The ETHEREA-MX ® is now making its mark globally.

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