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Designed with Benefits


You’re no longer confined to a dedicated laser room and can easily mount ECHO on any compatible slit lamp in any room.

No External Fibers

The integrated design eliminates the external fiber cable, eliminating costly and disruptive service repairs.

Full Pattern Palette

ECHO comes with a variety of pattern selections, including grids, circles and triple arcs.

Wireless Design

ECHO parameter settings are fully operable through an intuitive user interface on a sleek wireless tablet.

Industry-First Voice Control

Tissue-sparing technology for sub-visible laser treatments.

High-Clarity Safety Filters

Proprietary coating process provides exceedingly clear safety filters for enhanced visualization during laser treatment.

µSEC Treatment

Tissue-sparing, micro-second pulsing enables sub-visible laser treatment.


Tissue-sparing technology for sub-visible laser treatments.

Transports Effortlessly

The ECHO laser seamlessly fits into an elegant portable carry all case allowing you to safely transport the laser between clinics.

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