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Mybomian Glan Dysorder (MGD) is Potentially 86% of Dry Eye Cases ~ 80% of Rosacea Patients  suffer from MGD.

IPL-SQ® is the only Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) with SQ technology (Pulse Square Edge) which promotes controlled and microprocessed energy delivery, uniformly released throughout the pulse.  It is a single applicator that allows for over 10 Treatments,  Including Dry  Eye Therapy (Rosacea  Telangiectasias). That over 10 treatments can be done with a single handpiece.  Additional handpieces can be added to allow for over 70 treatments.

Application Directly to the Eyelids (Sup/ Inf);

  • Sapphire tip cooling;

  • Maximum comfort to patients;

  • Fast light filter changes;

  • Larger Focus Size and Repetition Rate;

  • Treatment speed up to 5 times faster than Competitors

  • Convenient,  Portable and  Lightweight  for the User

  • No Card Cost

  • No consumables

  • Best Return on Investment

IPL technology is validated by  various clinical studies and  publications

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