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LightlAS 577 COMBO

LIGHTLas 577 offers a selection of combinations to address retinal and glaucoma diseases. Dual and tri combo laser integration and unique slit lamp option help maximize control, improve safety, and enhance clinical outcomes.

Dual and Tri Combo Laser Integration

LIGHTLas 577 works with the LIGHTLas YAG-V, LIGHTLas SLT and LIGHTLas SLT Deux-V to form a powerful and complete photocoagulator/photodisruptor/SLT workstation—all with vitreolysis.

Range of Slit Lamp Delivery Adapters

Engineered with automatic recognition of delivery devices and treatment modes for simple selection and safer application, the LIGHTLas 577 includes an extensive range of slit lamp delivery adapters (SLAs) to fit most Haag-Streit style (with clones) and LIGHTMED slit lamps.

Keeler Vantage Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO) Compatibility

Integrated LED LIO provides unique controls of aperture size and spot positioning for enhanced, precise viewing.

  • Cooler LED Color: Provides brighter illumination for easier visibility of retinal pathologies.

  • HiMag Lens: Offers high quality stereoscopic images with 1.6X additional magnification.

  • Intelligent Optical System (IOS): Allows physician to select one of three aperture sizes, and optics auto-adjust via the IOS.

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