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Designed with You and Your Patients in Mind

Laser Source in the Headset

High power, miniaturized green laser is smaller than a coin and fits seamlessly in the headset, eliminating the need for an external laser console. LION provides an all-in-one treatment solution that allows for unprecedented portability.

Superior Optics

Ultra-clear optics enhance visualization during diagnosis and treatment allowing physicians to treat faster and more efficiently.

No Fiber Tether

Laser-integrated headset with built-in fiber optics lets you move freely, minimizes disruptive service repairs, all while maximizing practice efficiency.


High-capacity battery in the footswitch provides days of use between charges. No need to find a power outlet – just bring LION to your patient and start treating.

Wireless Technology

Parameter settings are fully operable through an intuitive user interface on a sleek wireless tablet.

Industry-First Voice Control

Sophisticated speech recognition capability provides convenient voice control of laser parameters allowing you to stay focused on your patients.

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