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Bovie Smoke Shark

Une conception moderne, légère et compacte permettant une utilisation, un rangement et un empilage simplifiés.

Le filtre à durée de vie prolongée SF35 dure jusqu’à 35 heures, réduisant ainsi le coût de l’intervention lorsqu’il est utilisé au réglage le plus bas.

La conception ultra silencieuse offre le même excellent rendement et une réduction du bruit.

Captage des particules efficace à 99,999 %


The surgical smoke evacuation system offers a patented electrocautery pencil with an integrated surgical smoke evacuation mechanism that captures surgical plume right at the source to improve patient and staff safety. A high-speed, brushless motor helps create suction pressure up to five times greater than other evacuators, quietly pulling smoke particles expelled from the surgical site and capturing them before they can escape. The STERIS Smoke Evacuation System works with all surgical cutting devices found in operating rooms, including harmonic scalpel, and monopolar, or bipolar electrosurgery. The unit works with a remote activator.

The use of smoke evacuators is strongly recommended by the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses1 to protect staff against smoke plumes created by electrocautery devices. As more states move toward legislating plume-free surgical procedures the Smoke Evacuation System is an important tool to maintain compliance and create a safe working environment.

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