Vidi Smart Glasses for Amblyopia

Vidi Smart Glasses are the best option to treat lazy eye (Amblyopia) of a child

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia) – Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is the eye condition characterized by reduced vision not corrected by glasses or contact lenses. It is not due to any eye disease. The brain, for some reason, does not fully acknowledge the images seen by the amblyopic eye. This usually affects only one eye but may manifest with a reduction of vision in both eyes. If it’s left untreated, a child’s vision will never develop correctly and the child will not have a natural 3D vision to carry out normal tasks in day to day life. Since amblyopia usually occurs in one eye only, many parents and children may not be aware of the condition.

Treatment – Till recent treatments available have been eyeglasses, drops, vision therapy and most effective being eye patching. Though Eye-Patching is the most effective and commonly used therapy to correct lazy eye, it has some undesired side effects: 1. The danger of a healthy eye turning lazy due to patching 2. Excessive patching may affect the tear circulation of the healthy eye 3. Allergy around the eye due to patching 4. Patching can keep eye temperature increased if used for excessive time 5. Very low compliance due as parents need to stick to a very tight schedule to patch and remove patch 6. Most Importantly child faces social stigma and can affect the normal psychological development of the child.

After rigorous research and development, Vidi Electronic Occlusion Smart Glasses are available which are not only more effective than patching but do not have any side effects associated with eye patching.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits

What is the working principle of Vidi?

Vidi operates on the principle of forcing the lazy eye to work properly. Dominant eye is gradually closed by liquid crystal screened special glasses, closing is adjusted on specific and adjustable time intervals. The main working principle of Vidi is similar to eyepatching application. In addition, Vidi positively involves children into the treatment by regularly and electronically  closing the lazy eye. The idea of  using LCD glass ( which inspired our studies) is firstly mentioned in medicine literature by American scientists in 1994.

How effective is Vidi?

You can apply Amblyopia excersise treatment by using Vidi Smart Glasses under control of a doctor THOROUGHLY. Operating time , doctor control and the level of amblyopia will be the determining factors.

What is the technology of Vidi?

Vidi Smart Glasses, with special Liquid Crystal Design, provides more efficient closing treatment. With smart electronic design, Vidi has the ability to increase the closing time gradually. This facility will help your child to adopt more easily. These features are unique and first in the world.

Is there a scientific study about Electronic closing?

Several  international clinic studies are held for electronic closing method by different resources. Success of the method is published  in numeric data. No side effect is reported.

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