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Discover The New Generation Of Dedicated Smartlaser Platforms: Power, Versatility And Results

Success - A Smartlaser® Platform To Optimize Your Practice With an internet connection, ZYE® will transform your medical practice by means of real-time technical service monitoring and personalized management reports.

Zye® Brings 2 Different Platform Models ZYE brings an expandable platform concept, with an ALEXANDRITE internal cavity in 755 nm or Nd:YAG in 1,064 nm.

Zye Alx®: The Gold Standard In Hair Removal, Featuring An Alexandrite 755 Nm A SMARTLASER platform, with a super versatile ALEXANDRITE LASER, for hair removal, vascular lesions, and the exclusive DYNAMICS mode, for skin peeling and skin lightening

Zye Yag®: A Highly Versatile Laser Platform, Featuring An Nd:yag 1,064 Nm In The Cavity A SMARTLASER platform with a high power and versatile Nd:YAG cavity, 20 available spots, and 3 operation modes for multiple purpose applications.

4 New And Exclusive Zye® Optical Fiber Handpieces For Versatility, Comfort, Speed, & Safety ZYE® brings handpieces that incorporate contact sapphire cooling, digital optical zoom, real-time temperature feedback, and multiple spots.

More Versatile: The Zye®. It Is Compatible With All The Handpieces The Etherea Mx With an innovative concept, ZYE® integrates all handpieces of the ETHEREA-MX® platform and offers new and exclusive functionalities for IPL-Sq®, DUALMODE® and LONGPULSE®.

Unique Fiber Handpieces

Handpiece Features

*COOL-&-CLEAR® – Contact cooling via a sapphire
Dial spot size
Contact spot size with a flat sapphire cooling window and homogenization of the beam profile that is top hat

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