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A Warm Welcome

  • Source: EltaMD Live Freely
  • Date: 11-03-19

Introducing our new Salient blog; your destination for emerging trends, industry insights, and corporate highlights. As the leader of the organization, I am thrilled and honoured to write the very first post. Welcome aboard and we’re pleased to have you join us.

Reflecting on this COVID-19 pandemic period, it’s been an interesting time. Like nearly every other business out there, we’ve experienced hurdles and have had to make some very difficult decisions these past few months. But it’s also given us a much needed opportunity to stop, reflect, and revisit how we’ve been operating and what we can do to not only improve our organization, but to create ways to provide more value for our customers, partners and stakeholders. I’m very proud to say that this reflection has led to a handful of exciting developments.

In light of COVID-19, we’ve launched a new Wellness category to better serve and protect our customers, their team members, and patients. Introducing two new partnerships we are very excited about: Intellipure is a remarkable air purification system that is 40x more effective than HEPA filters and can actually kill COVID-19, fungi molds, dander and bacteria particles in the air. We’ve also teamed up with Fine Guard, producers of face masks that provide the best “first line of defence” from dirt, dust and allergens. This filtration features patented LIVINGUARD technology that passes through the mask, that actually kill harmful viruses like COVID-19.

In these past few months, we’ve also implemented an online store, re-introduced EltaMD sun care to the Canadian market, refocused our marketing and customer support efforts and spent a lot of time considering the best ways that Salient is going to help our customers recover from these conditions, and not only hit the ground running, but flourish and improve their businesses in what is likely to be a very challenging recovery period.

Our goals for Salient in the marketplace:

  • To provide clear value to our customers via the products and services we offer, including product selection, technical information, training material and stellar marketing assets

  • Be a thought leader in the market, bringing new insights and efficacious products and treatments to our clients. We don’t say it’s the best because we carry it…..we carry it because it’s the best

  • Be a trusted source of opinion, news, industry trends and outlook

  • Assist our customers by providing ways to enhance their ROI’s and profitability through additional products, treatments or product/service combinations

We value the trust our customers and stakeholders place in us every day, and we demonstrate our appreciation by acting ethically and diligently to maximize outcomes for all parties in accordance with all relevant regulatory requirements. We’re happy you’re here.

– Michael Pizzorno, CEO